Best outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget in 2017

Select materials carefully.

Outside kitchens should resist your region’s climate conditions — snow, lightning storms, hail, high winds, and mo Re — so be sure to choose the appropriate stuff. You don’t want to devote thousands of bucks on yearly repairs. A more permanent roof like this one is going to keep your parties and outside experience more pleasant for you personally as well as your invitees in the event you live in a more showery area. A complete coverage roof will even protect your furniture in the elements than the usual canopy or pergola, with regards to the conventional climate.

Thought with island

Eventually, summer kitchens be concealed behind sliding doorways in a room overlooking the garden or can be ordered in a wooden outdoor shed shed big enough. Find most of the examples for an outdoor summer kitchen and contemporary aesthetic with the images below!

Backyard Cooking

At this Connecticut home, most cooking takes location outdoors, thanks to an Italian wood-burning pizza oven (far right), a stone grill for paella, a firepit for roasting marshmallows, along with a brick integrated bbq with a rotisserie.

Make it a full service kitchen.

In the event you’d like a backyard kitchen beyond only a grill, you’ll want plumbing pipes and electrical wires for range and the sink to complete your full support kitchen. What this means is you’ll need to dig up your lawn and a part of your home to to operate the lines out, which will cost extra. Plan your budget accordingly. You are able to make a smaller space feel that is cooking such as an indoor kitchen with a wall sconce; it will also help to hide your wiring and plumbing.

Modern patio with summer outdoor kitchen

Do you know the necessary elements for the advancement of a summer kitchen in a modern fashion? An almost essential component of the decor, barbecue provides you with the possibility to prepare different meats or vegetables to your meals. Modern outside grills, such as for instance Cal Flame, may be a highly effective solution for a great delicious and fast dinner.


In designer Bonnie Edelman’s Connecticut home, the pool kitchen oak ceiling pours warmth over awesome stainless steel cupboards. A drop-down metal gate protects appliances from rainwater.

Kitchen countertop marble


Five tales above Brooklyn, a tar paper roof became a gourmet cooking area with panoramic views of the New York skyline. A charcoal grill anchors the room, but the true magic is provided by the drink station. A slide-away cutting insulated ice bin and board make mojitos a snap.

Go modern

Outside kitchens can match your home. Quite simply, the outside kitchen does full of adorable Kiss the Cook aprons and n’t need to be, instead it may be sleek and modern to coordinate with your fashion.

Outdoor Fireplace

It’s not a full-blown kitchen, yet this stucco mission style hearth, complete with vintage Spanish tiles designed by Isabelle Dahlin (who also possesses popular L.A. store Dekor), is the perfect spot for family to gather and roast s’mores.